What is Amazing Selling Machine?

How to Use the Proven System to Start, Grow, and Scale a Highly Profitable Business Leveraging
the Power of One of the World's Largest Online Retailers

Jason Katzenback
Co-founder and CEO

Matt Clark
Co-founder and Chairman

You start a business because you want freedom.

You want freedom from working for someone else. You want freedom to do what you want, when you want.

You want financial freedom. To provide for your future, your family, your security, and your life adventures is a big reason to start a business.

But what happens?

Maybe you never get off the ground. Maybe you don’t know what business to start or even where to begin.

Maybe it’s too difficult, too unclear, or too risky.

Or, you do get started and then what? You struggle to get sales, face competition, and have to do everything yourself.

You struggle to build a profitable business, much less achieve freedom.

There’s a different path to getting what you want…

Instead of figuring everything out on your own including:

  • Deciding what product to sell
  • Figuring how to get the business off the ground
  • Learning the operations
  • Testing and trying marketing methods until you figure out what really works
  • And learning how to scale the business so it nearly runs itself (the secret to your freedom)

...let someone else figure all that out for you and just show you exactly what to do, step-by-step.

Amazing Selling Machine

We’ve been in your shoes. We’ve started from the very beginning and have built multiple multi-million dollar businesses from scratch.

It’s not easy if you’re doing it all on your own.

You can dramatically speed up your success and achieve much bigger results in your new business by using a proven system that has produced incredible results for people just like you.

Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) is a complete step-by-step program that walks you through every part of starting, growing, running, and scaling a business leveraging the power of one of the world’s largest online retailers.

Worked With:

Sir Richard Branson, Founder of the Virgin Group
Robert Kiyosaki, Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad

The $305 Billion Opportunity Sitting Right at Your Doorstep

The easiest and fastest way to build a profitable business from scratch is leveraging existing resources.

We’ve discovered and proven a business model that anyone can build - even with zero business experience - because it uses billions of dollars in existing technology, marketing, and infrastructure.

ASM shows you how to build a business from scratch leveraging the power of Amazon, one of the world’s largest online retailers.

Amazon is projected to generate over $300 billion this year in revenue. Much of Amazon’s revenue is from sales on its websites around the world generated by people just like you and us.

You can list products for sale on Amazon and make money every time someone buys.

There are millions of products you can sell using this model.

ASM shows you how to build your own brand that you control and how to leverage the power of Amazon to quickly generate sales and profits.





*These member’s results may not be typical. ASM members joining between 2013-2016 who completed the program and launched a new brand had median annual revenue of $60,750.00. Some consumers may make little or no profit.

The 4 Components of Amazing Selling Machine

To show you how to start and grow your business, even with zero experience, ASM includes four powerful components:

With all four of these components, you have a huge advantage over other Amazon sellers and people building businesses with Amazon.

"This is an amazing opportunity for anyone seeking a new direction in life. The format is brilliant and easy to follow. Great work team amazing!”* - Davis Lewis

"In March of 2016, we launched our first product on Amazon. In our first 12 months, we sold over $528,000 in products! We’ve averaged over $80k in sales for the past 4 months and are on pace to sell over $1 million in products this year – only our second year in business.

We’ve been able to take 3 vacations in the past year including a first ever trip for our kids to Disneyland. We’re so grateful for the success that ASM set us up for and we are recommending this course to all our friends and family.”* - Ben and Charity DeVries

Component #1 of 4:

The 8-Week Online Web Class

The first component of ASM is the 8-week ONLINE WEB CLASS.

This training is 100% online and can be accessed from any web browser, anywhere in the world.

You login at your own convenience, follow the lessons, and build your business step-by-step just following along with our instructions. You have access to the training for as long as you want.

Whether you’re building this business on the weekends, at night, in the morning, or during your lunch break, you can do it with the proven online web class.

We’ve developed what we call the “Momentum Learning Method” that helps you get results incredibly fast.

This is a special technique built specifically to teach you how to build this business. Each lesson in the web class is hyper-focused and includes the exact information you need to get to the next step in your business.

You watch the video lesson, then immediately take the next step in growing your business. Then, once that step is complete, you watch the next lesson, and keep building your business.

This incredibly effective method allows you to build your business step-by-step faster than you can imagine!

The 8-week web class has taught people from all around the world, most with little to NO prior business experience, how to build a THRIVING business.

Welcome Module: The ASM Business Process & Mindset

  1. Welcome to Your New Future
  2. What’s Coming and What to Expect
  3. The Best Opportunity to Build a Real Business Today (How this Business Works)
  4. The ASM Membership Dashboard
  5. The ASM Community
  6. Badges - You DO Need Stinkin’ Badges!
  7. ASM Mentor Program
  8. The Proven Secret for Amazing Result
  9. Success Principles: More Profit in Less Time with Less Stress
  10. Nailing Your Numbers: How Fast Do You Want to Scale?
  11. A Message From our Previous Students
  12. The 7-Figure Foundation Principles #1: You’re Not Selling a Product, You’re Building a Brand
  13. Different Ways To Structure Your Physical Product Business
  14. Welcome Module Wrap-Up and Action Items Recap

Module 1: Building Your Product Opportunity List

  1. Welcome to Module 1
  2. Which Amazon Marketplace to Start With?
  3. Seller Central Overview and Requirements
  4. Setting Up World First Account or Payoneer
  5. Seller Central Account Critical Guidelines
  6. Seller Central Setup Walkthrough
  7. You're Building a Brand, not just a Product
  8. The “7 Elements of a Hot Product Opportunity”
  9. All Categories are not Created Equal: Amazon’s Categories and How To Choose Yours
  10. Make Your Life Simpler: Products to avoid...for now
  11. The Perfect Product Selection System
  12. Putting Years of Experience to Use: The ASM Product Criteria
  13. Product Selection Preparation: Tools you Will Need
  14. Creating Your Primary Hot Product Opportunity List Part One
  15. Creating Your Primary Hot Product Opportunity List Part Two
  16. Adding Your Competing Products to Your Opportunity List
  17. Narrowing Your Product List Delivery Date
  18. Patent Search
  19. Module 1 Wrap-Up and Action Items Recap

Module 2: Suppliers, Samples and Your Professional Online Presence

  1. Welcome to Module 2
  2. Understanding Amazon’s Fees
  3. Product Tuning
  4. Simple Product Sourcing
  5. Creating a Professional Online Presence
  6. Finding and Contacting Suppliers with Our Proven Templates
  7. Calculating the True Cost of a Product
  8. Calculating Final Profit Numbers for Your Focused Opportunity List
  9. Getting Samples for Your Top Opportunity: Your Business Leaves the Digital World!
  10. Module 2 Wrap-Up and Action Items Recap

Module 3: Ordering Your Inventory and Creating Your Brand

  1. Welcome to Module 3
  2. The Samples Have Arrived! Now What?
  3. Choosing the Best Supplier and Getting the Highest Profit Margin
  4. Getting Ready for Your First Inventory Order
  5. The ASM Brand Name Creation Process
  6. Creating Your Powerful Brand Logo
  7. Purchasing your UPC
  8. Quick Start Product Listing
  9. Designing Your Product Packaging
  10. Automatic List Building: The Power of Package Inserts
  11. How Much Inventory Should You Order?
  12. Shipping by Air or by Sea
  13. Placing Your First Inventory Order
  14. What Happens After You Order Your Inventory
  15. Module 3 Wrap-Up and Action Items Recap

Module 4: Building Your Brand Assets

  1. Welcome to Module 4
  2. Ensuring Launch Success: The Critical Steps to Do While Waiting on Your Inventory
  3. Build Your Brand: Creating Your Brand Facebook Page
  4. Creating Your Brand Website Part One
  5. Creating Your Brand Website Part Two
  6. Build Your Brand: Creating Your Brand YouTube Channel
  7. Build Your Brand: Creating Your Brand Twitter Account
  8. Build Your Brand: Creating Your Brand Pinterest Account
  9. Build Your Brand: Next Level Brand Assets
  10. Build Your List: Creating Your Email Account and Autoresponder
  11. Build Your List: Setting Up Your First Lead Capture Page
  12. Build Your List: Implementing Your Lead Capture Page
  13. Module 4 Wrap-Up and Action Items Recap

Module 5: Building Your Brand Assets

  1. Welcome to Module 5
  2. The Perfect Product Page (PPP): How to Craft the Perfect Amazon Listing
  3. The Perfect Product Page (PPP) Part 1: Strategic Keyword Research for Top Amazon Rankings
  4. The Perfect Product Page (PPP) Part 2: Creating a Traffic-Grabbing Product Title
  5. The Perfect Product Page (PPP) Part 3: Crafting Bullet Points that Sell and Separate You from the Competition
  6. The Perfect Product Page (PPP) Part 4: Creating a Compelling Product Description
  7. The Perfect Product Page (PPP) Part 5: Product Images that Attract and Convert
  8. The Perfect Product Page (PPP) Part 6: Product Pricing for Profit
  9. The Perfect Product Page (PPP) Part 7: Creating Your Complete Listing
  10. The Perfect Product Page (PPP) Part 8: Automated Customer Emails
  11. Taking Advantage of Downtime
  12. Module 5 Wrap-Up and Action Items Recap

Module 6: The Perfect Product Launch

  1. Welcome to Module 6
  2. Preparing Your First FBA Shipment
  3. Your First FBA Shipment Walkthrough
  4. Your Final Product Images
  5. Your Initial Product Reviews
  6. Amazon Giveaways
  7. Launch, Blitz & Rank Overview
  8. Launch, Blitz & Rank Pre-Launch Part 1
  9. Launch, Blitz & Rank Pre-Launch Part 2
  10. Launch, Blitz & Rank: The Launch
  11. Launch, Blitz & Rank: Post-Launch
  12. Module 6 Wrap-Up and Action Items Recap

Module 7: Advanced Marketing and Traffic Tools

  1. Welcome to Module 7
  2. Building and Utilizing Your Performance Checklist
  3. Amazon Sponsored Products Ads
  4. Your Ongoing Content Marketing Strategy
  5. Amazon Coupons
  6. Amazon Lightning Deals
  7. The Raving Fan Customer Service System
  8. Understanding Traffic and Conversions
  9. The Benefits of Brand Registry
  10. Module 7 Wrap-Up

Module 8: Taking Your Business to the Next Level

  1. Welcome to Module 8
  2. Running Out of Inventory and Reordering
  3. When to Launch Your Next Product
  4. Choosing Your Next Product to Launch
  5. Sourcing and Launching Your Next Product
  6. Scaling Your Business to Success
  7. Deciding When to Enter Other Markets
  8. Building a Team that Runs Your Business
  9. Growing Your Business for Cash Flow or to Cash Out
  10. Module 8 Wrap-Up
  11. Course Wrap-Up and Congratulations!

Component #2 of 4:

The Mentor Program

The second component of Amazing Selling Machine is The Mentor Program.

Our only goal with ASM is to make sure you build a successful business. To make sure this happens, we’ve brought on some of our very successful ASM members to help you start and grow your new business.

On average, the Mentors have sold over $1 MILLION on Amazon EACH in their own businesses.


These incredible people not only have built very successful businesses themselves, but also absolutely LOVE to help people just like you. It’s their form of giving back to the community that’s done so much for them.

Anytime you have a question or need help along the journey of building your business with ASM, the Mentors are there to help. They’re active in the community every single day and are waiting and ready to help you continually move forward with your business.

This is like having a private coach with REAL WORLD experience and results help you achieve success faster with this system.

Component #3 of 4:

The Private and Exclusive Community

The third component of Amazing Selling Machine is your lifetime access to the private and exclusive community.

How’d you like instant access to a private community of HIGHLY SUCCESSFUL, MULTI-MILLIONAIRE Amazon sellers?

A place filled with people who have BUILT this business from scratch and gone on to produce millions of dollars in sales… all EAGER to HELP YOU follow in their same path… so you can achieve the freedom THEY have?

Well, this is how you can access such a powerful group.

We’ve built the world’s most successful community of physical product business entrepreneurs... filled with the most amazing group of people we’ve ever known…

There is NO WAY to access this PRIVATE and EXCLUSIVE community without Amazing Selling Machine….

This 100% ONLINE community is accessible from any computer, any browser, and any device…. you can tap into it immediately, 24 hours a day.

Our members use this community every day to get help, get inspiration, and get updated on the latest, cutting-edge opportunities and strategies RIGHT NOW…. as soon as they’re available!

You can too… when you get LIFETIME ACCESS to the PRIVATE community with the THIRD component of Amazing Selling Machine!

With THE COMMUNITY you’re NEVER ALONE when you’re building your business. You have thousands of people who have already done what you’re doing at your back and supporting you along the way!

In addition to the 24/7 online community, you also get private access to LIVE group coaching calls hosted by us exclusively for Amazing Selling Machine members.

These live group coaching calls give you the opportunity to ask questions, get extra support, gain accountability, and learn additional strategies LIVE.

We host two of these every month to make sure you have plenty of access to your trainers and mentors!

Don’t worry if you ever can’t make one of the group coaching calls. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions ahead of time and can watch the full recordings with Q&A inside the members’ area anytime you want.

"It works. It's a great business model and Matt and Jason, Mike and Rich are great teachers and the group is just loads of fun and if you take action you can build a million dollar business in a relatively short period of time."* - Marykay Carr

Component #4 of 4:

The Private Resource Vault

The fourth and final component of Amazing Selling Machine is the Private Resource Vault.

This is a collection of our own resources we use to build our Amazon businesses that you get exclusive access to as an ASM member.

For example, you get multiple copy-and-paste supplier contact templates, product and sample evaluation templates, and other powerful, proven templates you can simply copy to grow your own business.

You also get the private contact details of professional services we use such as freight forwarders, photographers, and more.

And, not only that, you also get exclusive access to discounts on powerful Amazon software tools NOT available to the public.

With the Private Resource Vault, easily worth $10,000 or more, you have an INSIDER advantage over other Amazon sellers.

We’ve included everything you need to build a business with this model. To start your business, all you need to do is get some inventory - which is as little as $500 to $1,000 to get started. We’ve taken care of nearly everything else FOR YOU.

Access All of ASM with Zero Risk

Best of all, you can access all of Amazing Selling Machine with absolutely ZERO RISK for a full 30 days!

We offer an unconditional 30-day 100% money-back guarantee when you register for ASM.

This means you can try out the web class, the community, the Private Resource Vault, and even working with our world class Mentors without risking anything.

If you decide it’s not right for you, just let us know within the first 30 days and we’ll give you a 100% refund. It’s that simple.

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